Quirks Mode, IE7 Mode, IE8 Mode, IE9 Mode, IE10 Mode, and IE11 Mode (All Versions)

Specifies that an element cannot be selected.

Note:  Setting the unselectable attribute to off does not ensure that an element is selectable. One example is an HTML Application (HTA) with the selection attribute set to no. Elements in the body of the HTA cannot be selected, even if the unselectable attribute for an element is set to off.

When you click an element with the unselectable attribute set to on, any existing current selection is not destroyed.

An element with the unselectable attribute set to on can be included in a selection that starts somewhere outside the element.

The unselectable attribute is implemented as an xpand. Setting the xpand property of the document object to false precludes the functionality of all expandos.

The unselectable attribute is declared in markup only for all elements.

See also atomicselection.