Retrieves the next row as an object.

mixed PDOStatement::fetchObject([ $class_name[,$ctor_args ]] )

$class_name: An optional string specifying the name of the class to create. The default is stdClass.

$ctor_args: An optional array with arguments to a custom class constructor.

On success, returns an object with an instance of the class. Properties map to columns. Returns false on failure.

Support for PDO was added in version 2.0 of the Microsoft Drivers for PHP for SQL Server.

   $server = "(local)";
   $database = "AdventureWorks";
   $conn = new PDO( "sqlsrv:server=$server ; Database = $database", "", "");

   $stmt = $conn->query( "select * from Person.ContactType where ContactTypeID < 5 " );
   $result = $stmt->fetchObject();
   print $result->Name;


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