Troubleshooting Solver Foundation Services

Solver Foundation 3.0

This section contains tips for solving common problems that you might encounter when you use the Solver Foundation Services.

You can integrate the Solver Foundation Services (SFS) with ASP.NET technology. However, if you put the SFS code in the Application_Start method and run the code in IIS7, you may see a HttpException exception that states "Request is not available in this context." To work around this error, change the application code to not use the request context.

To verify the accuracy of results by using multiple solvers, you can change the default solver for linear programming, mixed integer linear programming, quadratic programming, constraint programming, and non-linear programming. A file called app.config can be added to your Visual Studio solution to change the default behavior of Solver Foundation. For more information, see Developing with Solver Foundation Services (SFS).

For information and tips on solving non-linear models using Solver Foundation, see Solving Nonlinear Models using the Default Solver.