Solver Foundation 3.0

You can solve models in the SMPS file format at the command line. The SMPS file format includes .CORE/.COR, .TIME/.TIM, and .STOCH/.STO files. Specify the location of the .CORE/.COR file; the corresponding .TIME/.TIM and .STOCH/.STO files are assumed to be in that directory.

StochasticCli [global-flags | { flags & files } | files]



+sampleCount <count>

Sets the number of samples to use.

+maxCount <count>

Sets the maximum scenario count before sampling.

+randomSeed <seed>

Sets the seed prior to sampling


Uses Latin Hypercube sampling (incompatible with +MonteCarlo).


Uses Monte Carlo sampling (incompatible with +LatinHypercube)

+timelimit <sec>

Stops the solver after <sec> seconds of elapsed time.


Uses double arithmetic (incompatible with +exact).


Uses exact arithmetic (incompatible with +double).


Produces summary solution output in XML format.

+outfile <file>

Sends output to <file>.


Uses Bender's decomposition.


Does not use Bender's decomposition.


Displays the command syntax and options for the StochasticCli tool.

There is a hierarchy for assigning parameters.

  1. Parameters assigned within the curly brackets have a higher precedence than those assigned outside the curly brackets.

  2. If no value is assigned for a particular parameter, the default value for the stochastic solver is used.

stochasticcli.exe +xml \optima\MPS\StochasticProgramming\gbd\gbd.core \optima\MPS\StochasticProgramming\storm\storm.core +timeLimit 10 +sampleCount 5 { \optima\MPS\StochasticProgramming\gbd\gbd.core +timeLimit 10 +sampleCount 10 }