CustomUI2 Part

Content Type


Root Namespace


Source Relationship


An instance of this part type contains information about the Ribbon and Backstage(TM) view customizations ([MS-CUSTOMUI2]) specific to this package.

[Example: A SpreadsheetML document that is part of a document management system could contain Backstage controls to guide the user in the document workflow process. end example]

A package is permitted to contain at most one CustomUI2 part, and that part shall be the target of a relationship in the package-relationship item for the document.  If a package contains both a CustomUI and CustomUI2 part then only the CustomUI2 part is applied.  If a package contains a CustomUI part and does not contain a CustomUI2 part then the CustomUI part is applied.

[Example: The following package part-relationship item contains a relationship to a CustomUI2 part, which is stored in the ZIP item /customUI/customUI2.xml:

 <Relationships xmlns="…">
 <Relationship Id="rId6"  
 Target="/customUI/customUI2.xml" />

end example]

The root element for a part of this content type shall be customUI.

[Example: The following CustomUI2 content markup would specify that the print tab in the Backstage view with ID PlacePrint should be hidden for the containing package:

 <customUI xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/2007/10/customui">
 <place idMso="PlacePrint" visible="false" />

end example]

A CustomUI2 part shall be located within the package containing the source relationship (expressed syntactically, the TargetMode attribute of the Relationship element shall be Internal).

A CustomUI2 part is permitted to have explicit relationships to the following parts defined by Office Open XML File Formats [ISO/IEC29500:2012]: