Windows Default Home Screen Overview

Windows Mobile 6.5

The Windows Default Home screen is the default Home screen for Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional for devices that meet the hardware requirements.

Because of the built-in touch and gesture support, and an updated design, the Windows Default Home screen is the most interactive and touch-compatible Home screen experience for Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional.

The following table describes the primary components of the Windows Default Home screen.

Component Description


Plug-ins display dynamic images and text that make up most of the Home screen.

Title Bar

The Home screen title bar displays notifications and a link to the Start screen at the top of the Home screen. The title bar allows users quick access to system information and installed applications from the Home screen.

Soft Key Bar

The Soft Key Bar on the Home screen allows the user to interact with plug-ins using the SK1 and SK2 soft keys.

Beginning with Windows Mobile 6.5.3, soft keys are replaced by touchable tiles on Windows Mobile Professional phones.

Extensibility Mechanism

The Windows Default Home screen includes a built-in extensibility mechanism that provides a quick and easy way to customize and extend the Windows Default Home screen.

The plug-ins on the Windows Default Home screen are larger than the plug-ins of the Windows Classic Home screen, making it easier for users with larger fingers to select each plug-in. When a plug-in is selected on the Windows Default Home screen, it expands and allows the user to navigate to multiple plug-in pages.

The Windows Default Home screen comes with a rich set of built-in plug-ins. The following table describes the built-in plug-ins that are included with the Windows Default Home screen.

Plug-in Description

Getting Started

Links to the Getting Started application.

Windows Live

Displays notifications and features for Windows Live applications.

(IE6) Favorites

Launches Web sites using Internet Explorer Mobile 6.


Displays the number of missed calls.


Displays voice-mail notifications.


Displays the date, time, and mobile operator information.

Text (SMS/MMS)

Displays text messaging notifications.


Displays e-mail notifications.


Displays appointments.


Displays an image slideshow.


Plays music files without launching Windows Media Player.

The Windows Default Home screen will be enabled only on devices that meet the following requirements.

For devices running Windows Mobile 6.5, the following is required: CPU: Processor clock speed greater than or equal to 400 MHz; RAM: 128 MB or greater total memory available to the OS; and ROM: 256 MB or greater.

Total memory available to the OS is calculated using dwTotalPhys of MEMORYSTATUS using the GlobalMemoryStatus API.