ConversationSchema class

Defines the schema for conversation properties.


Namespace:  Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data
Assembly:  Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices (in Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.dll)

public class ConversationSchema : ServiceObjectSchema

Caution noteCaution

Contains a list of properties that are available on Conversation objects. The properties that are prefixed with "Global" indicate that the property list is aggregated across the entire mailbox, not just a particular folder. For example, consider the following conversation:

Message 1 – from Ken Circeo, in the Sent Items folder
Message 2 – from Oliver Lee, in the Inbox folder
Message 3 – from Jaka Stele, in the Inbox folder
Message 4 – from Jon Morris – in the Test folder

A request for the UniqueSenders property on the conversation from the Inbox folder will return "Oliver Lee, Jaka Stele". Compare the results with a request for the GlobalUniqueSenders property, which will return "Ken Circeo, Oliver Lee, Jaka Stele, Jon Morris". Duplicate entries will not be returned.

Any public static ( in Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.