WPD Storage Properties

Windows Portable Devices supports the following storage properties.

WPD_STORAGE_CAPACITYVT_UI8The total storage capacity, in bytes.
WPD_STORAGE_CAPACITY_IN_OBJECTSVT_UI8Indicates the total storage capacity in objects, for example the available slots on a SIM card.
WPD_STORAGE_DESCRIPTIONVT_LPWSTRA human-readable description of the storage.
WPD_STORAGE_FILE_SYSTEM_TYPEVT_LPWSTRA string description of the file system used by the storage: for example, "FAT32", "NTFS", "Contoso File System".
WPD_STORAGE_FREE_SPACE_IN_BYTESVT_UI8The available storage space, in bytes.
WPD_STORAGE_FREE_SPACE_IN_OBJECTSVT_UI8The number of additional objects that can be written to the device. For example, if a device only allows a single object, this would be zero if the object already existed.
WPD_STORAGE_SERIAL_NUMBERVT_LPWSTRA vendor-specific serial number for the storage.
WPD_STORAGE_MAX_OBJECT_SIZEVT_UI8Specifies the maximum size of a single object (in bytes) that can be placed on this storage.
WPD_STORAGE_TYPEVT_UI4Describes the physical type of a memory storage medium.





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