Using the WpdInfo Tool

The WpdInfo.exe tool is a Windows-based application that you can use to test the functionality in your driver. You can use this tool to perform the following tasks:

  • Open or close a device
  • Create or delete an object on the device
  • Create, save, or delete an object resource
  • Send a command to the device
  • View the supported device commands
  • View the supported device content types
  • View the supported events
  • View the supported properties
  • View the attributes of a given resource
  • View the attributes of a given property
  • Perform bulk property operations
  • Open or close a device service
  • Invoke a method on a device service

When you start the tool, it prompts you to choose one of the available WPD devices.

WpdInfo device selection

After you choose a device, a connection is established and the WpdInfo application windows are initialized. The upper-left frame of the main window displays the hierarchy of supported objects. The upper-right frame displays resource data that is associated with the object that is currently selected. The lower-middle pane displays the properties that are supported by the object. The pane at the bottom of the window displays any error information returned by the driver during a given operation.

WpdInfo default screens

You can right-click a given object, resource, or property to display a menu of options that apply to the selected element. For example, you can right-click an object that appears in the upper-left pane to delete it, operate on its resources, view associated properties and so on.

WpdInfo options



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