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Structures and Enumeration Types

Windows Portable Devices (WPD) defines the following structures and enumeration types.

DELETE_OBJECT_OPTIONS Describes options that are supported by a device when it deletes an object.
SMS_MESSAGE_TYPES Describes the content type of a short message service (SMS) message.
WPD_BITRATE_TYPES Describes an audio file's bit rate type.
WPD_CAPTURE_MODES Describes the capture timing mode of a still image capture.
WPD_COLOR_CORRECTED_STATUS_VALUES Describes the color correction status of an image or video file.
WPD_CROPPED_STATUS_VALUES Describes the cropping status of an image.
WPD_DEVICE_TRANSPORTS Describes the transports that a device supports (USB, IP or Bluetooth)
WPD_EFFECT_MODES Describes various visual effects that can be applied to an image.
WPD_EXPOSURE_METERING_MODES Describes the metering mode to use when estimating exposure for still image capture by a device.
WPD_EXPOSURE_PROGRAM_MODES Describes an exposure mode to use when capturing images with a device.
WPD_FLASH_MODES Describes a flash mode to use when capturing images with a device.
WPD_FOCUS_METERING_MODES Describes how a device should decide what part of a frame to use to set focus.
WPD_FOCUS_MODES Describes the focus mode that is used by a still image capture device.
WPD_META_GENRES Describes the broad genre type of a media file.
WPD_PARAMETER_USAGE_TYPES Describes how a method parameter is used.
WPD_POWER_SOURCES Describes what power source a device is using.
WPD_RENDERING_INFORMATION_PROFILE_ENTRY_TYPES Describes whether an entry that is used to render information profile types corresponds to an object or a resource.
WPD_SECTION_DATA_UNITS_VALUES Describes the units for a reference section of data (bytes or milliseconds)
WPD_SMS_ENCODING_TYPES Describes the encoding type of an SMS message.
WPD_VIDEO_SCAN_TYPES Describes how the fields in a video file are encoded.
WPD_WHITE_BALANCE_SETTINGS Describes how a video or image device weighs color channels to achieve a proper white balance.
WpdAttributeForm Describes how a property stores its values.
WPD_PARAMETER_ATTRIBUTE_FORM Describes how a parameter stores its values.
WPD_STORAGE_TYPE_VALUES Describes the different storage types.
WPD_DEVICE_TYPES Describes the portable device-type.
WPD_OPERATION_STATES Describes the current state of an operation in progress.




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