Requirements for Resources

Windows Portable Devices defines the following resource categories (as PROPERTYKEY values). These values are used to describe individual resources in an object. The pid member of the property key can be different to describe different resources of the same type for all types except WPD_RESOURCE_DEFAULT, which can only describe one resource. The linked description page for each resource type lists the attributes supported by that resource.

Resource PROPERTYKEYDescription
WPD_RESOURCE_ALBUM_ART Specifies an image that represents the album artwork for the object.
WPD_RESOURCE_AUDIO_CLIP Specifies an audio clip for the object.
WPD_RESOURCE_BRANDING_ART Specifies an image or logo that represents product branding for a given object.
WPD_RESOURCE_CONTACT_PHOTO Specifies an image that represents a photo of the individual referred to in the contact object.
WPD_RESOURCE_DEFAULT Specifies the whole file behind the object. This is the only required resource for any object with a resource.
WPD_RESOURCE_GENERIC A generic resource of undefined data type. This should be treated as a byte array.
WPD_RESOURCE_VIDEO_CLIP Specifies a video clip for the object.


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