Content Types

Windows Portable Devices classifies all objects by content type. The supported content types are listed in the following table.

Content Type Description
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_IMAGE_ALBUM Represents a collection of still images.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_MEMO Represents a memo.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_MIXED_CONTENT_ALBUM Represents a collection of mixed media objects, for example, audio, image, and video files.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_PLAYLIST Represents a playlist.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_ALL Represents all object types.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_APPOINTMENT Represents an appointment in a calendar.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_AUDIO_ALBUM Represents a collection of audio files.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_AUDIO Represents an audio file, such as a Windows Media Audio (WMA) or MP3 file.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_CALENDAR Represents a calendar.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_CERTIFICATE Represents a certificate used for authentication.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_CONTACT Represents personal contact data.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_CONTACT_GROUP Represents a group of contacts.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_DOCUMENT Represents a document.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_EMAIL Represents an e-mail.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_FOLDER Represents a folder.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_FUNCTIONAL_OBJECT Represents a functional object.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_GENERIC_FILE Represents a generic file.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_GENERIC_MESSAGE Represents a message (SMS, e-mail, and so on).
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_MEDIA_CAST Represents a media cast.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_IMAGE Represents an image.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_NETWORK_ASSOCIATION Represents an association between a host and a device.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_PROGRAM Represents a program.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_SECTION Represents a section of data contained in another object.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_TASK Represents a task, such as an item in a to-do list.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_TELEVISION Represents a television recording.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED Represents a generic object that may or may not have an underlying physical file.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_VIDEO_ALBUM Represents a collection of video files.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_VIDEO Represents a video.
WPD_CONTENT_TYPE_WIRELESS_PROFILE Represents information used to access a wireless network.




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