This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Move Task

Moves files to a new location.

The folowing table describes the parameters of the Move task.




Optional ITaskItem[] output parameter.

Specifies the list of files to move the source files to. This list is expected to be a one-to-one mapping to the list that is specified in the SourceFiles parameter. That is, the first file specified in SourceFiles will be moved to the first location specified in DestinationFiles, and so forth.


Optional ITaskItem parameter.

Specifies the directory to which you want to move the files.


Optional ITaskItem[] output parameter.

Contains the items that were successfully moved.


Optional Boolean parameter.

If true, overwrites files even if they are marked as read-only files.


Required ITaskItem[] parameter.

Specifies the files to move.

Either the DestinationFolder parameter or the DestinationFiles parameter must be specified, but not both. If both are specified, the task fails and an error is logged.

In addition to having the parameters that are listed in the table, this task inherits parameters from the TaskExtension class, which itself inherits from the Task class. For a list of these additional parameters and their descriptions, see TaskExtension Base Class.