As a set, the TCP/IP transport uses the OID_TCP_TASK_IPSEC_OFFLOAD_V2_UPDATE_SA OID to request that a miniport driver update the specified security associations (SAs) on a NIC.

Note  NDIS supports this OID with the direct OID request interface. For more information about the direct OID request interface, see NDIS 6.1 Direct OID Request Interface.


All NDIS 6.1 miniport drivers that support IPsec offload version 2 (IPsecOV2) must support this OID.

When a miniport driver receives this request, the driver should update the specified SAs on the NIC. The miniport driver can fail this request if the SA is not found or the ESN is not supported. In this case, the returned status should be NDIS_STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER.

The miniport driver receives an IPSEC_OFFLOAD_V2_UPDATE_SA structure that contains information about the update and a pointer to the next IPSEC_OFFLOAD_V2_UPDATE_SA structure in a linked list.



Supported in NDIS 6.1 and later.


Ntddndis.h (include Ndis.h)

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