WDDM GammaRamp

Note  This content applies to the Windows Logo Kit (WLK). For the latest information using the new Windows Hardware Certification Kit (HCK), see Windows HCK User's Guide on the Windows Hardware Dev Center.

Type: Automated Test


The WDDM GammaRamp test verifies that kernel-mode display drivers succeed in the attempts to set gamma ramps.


The WDDM GammaRamp test is a basic test of LDDM gamma ramp functionality. It sets gamma ramps using GDI and operating system kernel-mode entry points. Drivers must not fail during this process.
Run Time: 2 minutes
System Restart Required: No
Supported operating systems for Logo or Signature testing:
  • Windows 7

  • Windows Server 2008 R2

  • Windows Vista


Software Requirements

The test tool requires the following software:

  • Supported operating system (see list above).

  • Software components included with the device that is being tested.

Hardware Requirements

  • Device to be tested

  • Computer that meets the minimum software requirements

  • Windows keyboard

  • Two-button pointing device

  • Color display monitor capable of at least 1024 by 768 resolution, 32-bits per pixel, 60 Hz

  • Hard drive with a minimum of 20 GB available on partition C:


  • x86

  • x64

Test Assertions

GRFX-69 Display adapter or chipset complies with the DirectX DDK specification
Test Assertion GUID: 7af8c5fb-d668-426c-a663-5c27038e8a01
Windows Logo Program: GRAPHICS-0015 Display adapter or chipset complies with the DirectX DDK specification



Build date: 9/14/2012

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