Tape Miniclass Driver Routines

Tape Miniclass Driver Routines

References for the required and optional routines in a tape miniclass driver are listed in alphabetical order.

DriverEntry is a required name. A tape miniclass driver's other routines can have any name chosen by the driver writer. In this reference, such routines are prefixed with "TapeMini" to identify the routines as belonging to a tape miniclass driver. All tape miniclass routines with the exception of DriverEntry are called only by the tape class driver.

The routines, structures, and constants required by a tape miniclass driver are declared in minitape.h.

For information about the tape class/miniclass architecture and designing a tape miniclass driver, see Tape Drivers. For a description of Microsoft Win32 tape functions provided for user-mode applications to control a tape device, see the Microsoft Windows SDK documentation.



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