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The !sym extension controls noisy symbol loading and symbol prompts.

!sym noisy 
!sym quiet 
!sym prompts 
!sym prompts off



Activates noisy symbol loading.


Deactivates noisy symbol loading.


Allows authentication dialog boxes to appear when SymSrv receives an authentication request.

prompts off

Suppresses all authentication dialog boxes when SymSrv receives an authentication request. This may result in SymSrv being unable to access symbols over the internet.


Windows 2000


Windows XP and later




If the !sym extension is used with no arguments, the current state of noisy symbol loading and symbol prompting is displayed.

The !sym noisy and !sym quiet extensions control noisy symbol loading. For details and for other methods of displaying and changing this option, see SYMOPT_DEBUG.

The !sym prompts and !sym prompts off extensions control whether authentication dialogs are displayed when SymSrv encounters an authentication request. These commands must be followed by .reload (Reload Module) for them to take effect. Authentication requests may be sent by proxy servers, internet firewalls, smart card readers, and secure websites. For details and for other methods of changing this option, see Firewalls and Proxy Servers.

Note   Noisy symbol loading should not be confused with noisy source loading -- that is controlled by the .srcnoisy (Noisy Source Loading) command.



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