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The !spoolused extension displays memory use summaries for the paged pool owned by the specified session.

!spoolused -p [-s Session] [TagString]] 
!spoolused -?



This option is always required.

-s Session

Specifies the session that owns the pool to be displayed. Session is always interpreted as a decimal number. If Session equals -1, the current session is used. If Session equals -2, the session context is used.


Specifies the pool tag. TagString is a case-sensitive ASCII string. The asterisk (*) can be used to represent any number of characters; the question mark (?) can be used to represent exactly one character. Unless an asterisk is used, TagString must be exactly four characters in length.


Displays help for this extension in the Debugger Command window.


Windows 2000


Windows XP and later



Additional Information

For information about sessions, see Changing Contexts. For information about memory pools and pool tags, see the Windows Driver Kit or Microsoft Windows Internals, by Mark Russinovich and David Solomon. (These resources may not be available in some languages and countries.)



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