A client computer that is a member of a machine pool. Client computers that are not in the System machine pool are test clients that you can execute jobs on.

machine pool

A virtual collection of computers, devices, or both that is created by a user to help manage the testing process.

Management Console

A window within DTM Studio that you can use to manage dimensions, global parameters, services, and users within a DTM Controller or a package.

Manual Prompt task

A task that displays a prompt and options to the user and waits for the user to make a selection.


A set of contexts that is specified in a job. The job can be executed on a computer that matches any of the contexts. For example, a job could specify a mix that consisted of two contexts. Context 1 could consist of the constraints "WTT\OS equals Windows XP" and "WTT\RAM-MB greater than 512". Context 2 could consist of the constraints "WTT\OS equals Windows Server 2003" and "WTT\RAM-MB greater than 1000". In this case, the job's mix would specify that the job could run on client computers with Windows XP and more than 512 MB of RAM, or client computers with Windows Server 2003 and more than 1GB of RAM. See also constraint.



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