Logo Tests: Device and Driver Technologies

Note  This content applies to the Windows Logo Kit (WLK). For the latest information using the new Windows Hardware Certification Kit (HCK), see Windows HCK User's Guide on the Windows Hardware Dev Center.

This section contains descriptions of tests for each type of driver technology and the procedures you must follow to prepare for testing, as discussed in the following topics.

Best Practices for Logo Testing and Avoiding Test Failures

Audio Device Testing

Communicaton Testing

Bus and Controller Testing

Display Testing

Game Devices Testing

Imaging Testing

Input Testing

Network Controller Testing

Network Media Device Testing

Terminal Server PNP Redirection Testing Overview

Portable Media Devices Testing Overview

Printer Testing Overview

Storage Testing

Streaming Media and Broadcast Testing

System Test Categories

Windows Server 2008 R2 System Testing Overview

Unclassified Signature Testing Overview

Device Fundamental Tests

Device Installation Tests

Kernel-Mode Driver Tests

Supplemental Tests

Note   You must use the latest version of the WDK to compile your driver in order for it to pass testing and obtain a logo.



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