Setting the MofImagePath Registry Value

A driver's schema can be published by including a compiled MOF resource in a separate file, such as a DLL, and setting MofImagePath in the registry to the path of that file. A schema published in this way can be updated without recompiling the driver.

To publish a driver's schema in a separate file:

  1. Compile the MOF file as described in Compiling a Driver's MOF File.

  2. Include the compiled MOF file as a resource in a file such as a DLL.

  3. Add the MofImagePath registry value under the driver's Services key. For example, the following shows the registry value for a driver named DriverName:

            MofImagePath    "\SystemRoot\System32\Drivers\DriverNameMof.dll"

You can set this key in the driver's INF file, as follows:

; This is the Services section for the driver

; This is the Services AddReg section declared above.

See INF DDInstall.Services Section and INF AddReg Directive for details.



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