The !ihs extension displays the interrupt history record for the specified processor, using program counter symbols.

!ihs Processor 
Important  This command has been deprecated in the Windows Debugger Version 10.0.14257 and later, and is no longer available.



Specifies a processor. If Processor is omitted, the current processor is used.


Windows 2000


Windows XP and later



This extension command can only be used with an Itanium target computer.


To display the interrupt history record without using program counter symbols, use the !ih extension. To enable the interrupt history record, add /configflag=32 to the boot entry options.

Here is an example of the output from this extension:

kd> !ihs
Total # of interruptions = 2093185
Vector              IIP                   IPSR          ExtraField            IIP Symbol
        VHPT FAULT  e0000000830d3190      1010092a6018  IFA=      6fc00a0200c nt!MiAgeAndEstimateAvailableInWorkingSet+0x70
        VHPT FAULT  e0000000830d33d0      1010092a6018  IFA= 1ffffe00001de2d0 nt!MiAgeAndEstimateAvailableInWorkingSet+0x2b0
        VHPT FAULT  e0000000830d33d0      1010092a6018  IFA= 1ffffe01befff338 nt!MiAgeAndEstimateAvailableInWorkingSet+0x2b0
        VHPT FAULT  e0000000830d3190      1010092a6018  IFA=      6fc00a0200c nt!MiAgeAndEstimateAvailableInWorkingSet+0x70
        VHPT FAULT  e0000000830d33d0      1010092a6018  IFA= 1ffffe00001d9188 nt!MiAgeAndEstimateAvailableInWorkingSet+0x2b0
        VHPT FAULT  e0000000830d3880      1010092a6018  IFA= 1ffffe01befff250 nt!MiAgeAndEstimateAvailableInWorkingSet+0x760
        VHPT FAULT  e0000000830d3fb0      1010092a6018  IFA= e0000165f82dc1c0 nt!MiCheckAndSetSystemTrimCriteria+0x190
        VHPT FAULT  e000000083063390      1010092a6018  IFA= e0000000fffe0018 nt!KeQuerySystemTime+0x30
     THREAD SWITCH  e000000085896040  e00000008588c040  OSP= e0000165f82dbd40 
        VHPT FAULT  e00000008329b130      1210092a6018  IFA= e0000165f7edaf30 nt!IopProcessWorkItem+0x30
 VHPT FAULT  e0000165f7eda640      1210092a6018  IFA= e0000165fff968a9 netbios!RunTimerForLana+0x60
    PROCESS SWITCH  e0000000818bbe10  e000000085896040  OSP= e0000165f8281de0 
        VHPT FAULT  e00000008307cfc0      1010092a2018  IFA= e00000008189fe50 nt!SwapFromIdle+0x1e0
EXTERNAL INTERRUPT  e0000000830623b0      1010092a6018  IVR=               d0 nt!Kil_TopOfIdleLoop
        VHPT FAULT  e00000008314e310      1010092a2018  IFA= e0000165f88203f0 nt!KdReceivePacket+0x10
        VHPT FAULT  e000000083580760      1010092a2018  IFA= e0000000f00ff3fd hal!READ_PORT_UCHAR+0x80
    PROCESS SWITCH  e00000008558c990  e0000000818bbe10  OSP= e00000008189fe20 
        VHPT FAULT  e00000008307cfc0      1010092a2018  IFA= e0000165f02433f0 nt!SwapFromIdle+0x1e0
        VHPT FAULT          77cfbda0      1013082a6018  IFA=         77cfbda0 0x0000000077cfbda0
        VHPT FAULT          77cfbdb0      1213082a6018  IFA=      6fbfee0ff98 0x0000000077cfbdb0
 DATA ACCESS BIT          77b8e150      1213082a6018  IFA=         77c16ab8 0x0000000077b8e150
 VHPT FAULT          77ed5d60      1013082a6018  IFA=      6fbfffa6048 0x0000000077ed5d60
   DATA ACCESS BIT          77ed5d60      1213082a6018  IFA=         77c229c0 0x0000000077ed5d60
 DATA ACCESS BIT          77b8e1b0      1013082a6018  IFA=         77c1c320 0x0000000077b8e1b0
      USER SYSCALL          77cafa40        10082a6018  Num=               42 0x0000000077cafa40
 VHPT FAULT  e00000008344dc20      1010092a6018  IFA= e000010600703784 nt!ExpLookupHandleTableEntry+0x20



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