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The !devstack extension displays a formatted view of the device stack associated with a device object.

    !devstack DeviceObject 



Specifies the device object. This can be the hexadecimal address of the DEVICE_OBJECT structure or the name of the device.


Windows 2000


Windows XP and later



Additional Information

For information about device stacks, see the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) documentation.


If DeviceObject specifies the name of the device but supplies no prefix, the prefix "\Device\" is assumed. Note that this command will check to see if DeviceObject is a valid address or device name before using the expression evaluator.

Here is an example:

kd> !devstack e000000085007b50
 !DevObj   !DrvObj            !DevExt   ObjectName
  e0000165fff32040  \Driver\kmixer     e0000165fff32190  
> e000000085007b50  \Driver\swenum     e000000085007ca0  KSENUM#00000005
!DevNode e0000165fff2e010 :
  DeviceInst is "SW\{b7eafdc0-a680-11d0-96d8-00aa0051e51d}\{9B365890-165F-11D0-A195-0020AFD156E4}"
 ServiceName is "kmixer"



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