daemon task

A task that begins running either before all other tasks in a phase, or after all other tasks in a phase. A daemon task can run in parallel with other tasks.

default pool

The machine pool that computers are initially placed in when the Driver Test Manager (DTM) client is installed.

Device Selection explorer

A component of DTM Studio that you use to select the jobs to run and the computers on which to run them. The Device Selection explorer displays only the jobs that are appropriate for a specific device or computer.


A key/value pair that identifies a characteristic of a client computer. For example, a dimension with the key "ProcessorCount" might have the value "1" on one client computer and the value "4" on another client computer.

A job can include constraints, which indicate that the job can run only on client computers that have a specific value for a dimension.

Driver Test Manager (DTM)

A test harness that you must use to run the "Designed for Microsoft Windows" logo tests. You can also run your own tests using DTM.


See Driver Test Manager.

DTM administrator

A DTM user account that has administrator privileges. A DTM administrator can create machine pools, create DTM user accounts, and grant privileges to the DTM user accounts.

A DTM administrator often has an account with administrative privileges on the computer that is running the DTM controller, but this type of account is not required.

When you install the DTM controller, a DTM user account is automatically created for you, and your account is automatically given administrator privileges.

DTM Studio

The user interface for DTM. By using DTM Studio, you can run tests, monitor the progress of jobs, and review test logs.



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