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DxgkDdiSetDisplayPrivateDriverFormat routine

The DxgkDdiSetDisplayPrivateDriverFormat function changes the private-format attribute of a video present source.



NTSTATUS APIENTRY DxgkDdiSetDisplayPrivateDriverFormat(
  _In_  const HANDLE hAdapter,
{ ... }


hAdapter [in]

[in] A handle to a context block that is associated with a display adapter. The display miniport driver previously provided this handle to the Microsoft DirectX graphics kernel subsystem in the MiniportDeviceContext output parameter of the DxgkDdiAddDevice function.

pSetDisplayPrivateDriverFormat [in]

[in] A pointer to a DXGKARG_SETDISPLAYPRIVATEDRIVERFORMAT structure that contains function arguments.

Return value

DxgkDdiSetDisplayPrivateDriverFormat returns STATUS_SUCCESS if it succeeds; otherwise, it returns STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL to indicate that the driver could not change the private-format attribute of the given video present source.


The DirectX graphics kernel subsystem calls the display miniport driver's DxgkDdiSetDisplayPrivateDriverFormat function after the user-mode display driver calls the pfnSetDisplayPrivateDriverFormatCb callback function. For example, the user-mode display driver might call pfnSetDisplayPrivateDriverFormatCb to change the swizzling format of the video present source when a full-screen flipping change is created. The DirectX graphics kernel subsystem then calls the display miniport driver's DxgkDdiSetDisplayPrivateDriverFormat to change the private-driver format of the video present source. This allows for the primary allocation to be displayed on the video present source without a need for translation of the primary surface.

Note  DxgkDdiSetDisplayPrivateDriverFormat does not apply the private-driver format that the PrivateDriverFormatAttribute member of the DXGKARG_SETDISPLAYPRIVATEDRIVERFORMAT structure that is pointed to by pSetDisplayPrivateDriverFormat specifies to any allocation. DxgkDdiSetDisplayPrivateDriverFormat applies the private-driver format directly to the video present source. For example, DxgkDdiSetDisplayPrivateDriverFormat might reprogram the DAC registers to scan from a different swizzling format.

DxgkDdiSetDisplayPrivateDriverFormat should be made pageable.



Available in Windows Vista and later versions of the Windows operating systems.


D3dkmddi.h (include D3dkmddi.h)



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