child machine pool

A machine pool that is contained within another ("parent") machine pool. Several child machine pools can be created as part of a parent machine pool in the machine pool hierarchy.

client computer

A computer that the Driver Test Manager (DTM) client has been installed on. You use DTM to run tests on client computers.

configuration job

A job that sets the value of a dimension. Configuration jobs can be executed automatically to satisfy the constraints of another job that is executing.


A triplet that consists of a dimension, an operator, and a value. A constraint is part of the job definition. A job can only execute on client computers that match the job's constraints.For example, a job that had the following constraint could only be executed on client computers that have an x86 processor. See also dimension.


A set of constraints that are specified in a job. For example, if a job included the constraints "WTT\OS equals Windows XP" and "WTT\RAM-MB greater than 512", then these two constraints would form the job's context. See also dimension, mix.


A computer that the DTM controller has been installed on. The controller stores data about jobs, client computers, and DTM users, and it manages job scheduling.

Copy File task

A task that copies files from a remote location to the client computer.

Copy Result task

A task that copies files from the client computer to a remote location.

custom dependencies

User-defined relationships between tasks in a job that specify the order in which the tasks execute.



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