Pageable Drivers

The pageable-driver routines are called by kernel-mode drivers to lock and unlock a driver's pageable code or data sections, or make an entire driver pageable.


Locks a set of driver routines marked with a special compiler directive into system space.


Locks data marked with a special compiler directive into system space, when that data is accessed infrequently, predictably, and at an IRQL of less than DISPATCH_LEVEL.


Locks a pageable section into system memory using a handle returned from MmLockPagableCodeSection or MmLockPagableDataSection.


Releases a section that was previously locked into system space when the driver is no longer processing IRPs, or when the contents of the section are no longer required.


Lets a driver page all of its code and data regardless of the attributes of the various sections in the driver's image.


Resets a driver's pageable status to that specified by the sections making up the driver's image.



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