HwScsiWmiQueryReginfo routine

A miniport driver's HwScsiWmiQueryReginfo routine is called to obtain information about the data and event blocks to be registered on behalf of the miniport driver by the SCSI port driver. This routine is required.

Note  The SCSI port driver and SCSI miniport driver models may be altered or unavailable in the future. Instead, we recommend using the Storport driver and Storport miniport driver models.


UCHAR HwScsiWmiQueryReginfo(
  _In_  PVOID                    DeviceContext,
  _Out_ PWCHAR                   *MofResourceName


DeviceContext [in]

Points to the miniport driver-defined context value passed to ScsiPortWmiDispatchFunction.

RequestContext [in]

Points to the SCSIWMI_REQUEST_CONTEXT structure that the miniport driver passed to ScsiPortWmiDispatchFunction.

MofResourceName [out]

Points to a null-terminated Unicode string that indicates the name of the MOF resource attached to the miniport driver's binary image file. This string can be declared as a constant in the miniport driver. If the miniport driver does not have a MOF resource attached, it should set MofResourceName to NULL.

Return value

HwScsiWmiQueryReginfo always returns SRB_STATUS_SUCCESS.


When a miniport driver receives an SRB in which the Function member is set to SRB_FUNCTION_WMI, it calls ScsiPortWmiDispatchFunction with a pointer to an initialized SCSI_WMILIB_CONTEXT structure and MinorFunction set to Srb->WmiSubFunction. If MinorFunction indicates a request for registration information, the SCSI port driver calls the miniport driver's HwScsiWmiQueryReginfo routine.

The miniport driver provides new or updated registration information about individual blocks, or indicates blocks to remove, in the SCSI_WMILIB_CONTEXT structure it passes to ScsiPortWmiDispatchFunction. The miniport driver's HwScsiWmiQueryReginfo routine supplies a pointer to its MOF resource name.

The miniport driver must not pend or block the SRB. The miniport driver must not call ScsiPortWmiPostProcess or ScsiPortNotification from its HwScsiWmiQueryReginfo routine.


Target platform



Miniport.h (include Scsi.h)

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