HBAFCPBindingEntry2 WMI Class

An HBA miniport driver that supports the T11 committee's Fibre Channel HBA API specification uses the HBAFCPBindingEntry2 class to define a binding between the information that the operating system uses to identify a logical unit on a SCSI device and the Fibre Channel protocol (FCP) identifier for the logical unit. For an explanation of the FCP, see the T11 committee's dpANS Fibre Channel Protocol for SCSI specification. For an explanation of this binding between SCSI and FCP identifiers, see the T11 committee's Fibre Channel HBA API specification.

The HBAFCPBindingEntry2 class is defined as follows in Hbaapi.mof:

class HBAFCPBindingEntry2 {
  [HBAType("HBA_FCPSCSIENTRY"), WmiDataId(4)] HBAScsiID  ScsiId;
  [HBAType("HBA_FCID"), WmiDataId(2)] HBAFCPID  FCPId;
  [HBAType("HBA_LUID"), WmiDataId(3)] uint8  Luid[256];

When compiled by the WMI tool suite this class definition produces the following data structure:


There are no methods associated with this WMI class.



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