RxpDereferenceNetFcb function

RxpDereferenceNetFcb decrements the reference count on an FCB structure.


LONG RxpDereferenceNetFcb(
   PFCB Fcb



A pointer to the FCB structure to be dereferenced.

Return value

RxpDereferenceNetFcb returns the final reference count after the dereference.


The referencing and dereferencing of FCBs is different from those of the other data structures because of the embedded resource in the FCB. This implies that the caller requires information regarding the status of the FCB (whether it was finalized or not ). To finalize the FCB, two locks need to be held, the NET_ROOT name table lock as well as the FCB resource. These considerations lead to a different approach in dereferencing FCBs. Consequently, RxpDereferenceNetFcb does not attempt to finalize the FCB.

A number of macros are defined in fcb.h for debugging that are the preferred way to call this routine. These macros provide a wrapper around the RxpReferenceNetFcb or RxpDereferenceNetFcb routines used for file structure management operations on FCB structures. The RxDereferenceNetFcb macro is the preferred way to call this routine. This macro first calls the RxpTrackDereference routine to log diagnostic information about the request before calling the RxpDereferenceNetFcb routine.

On checked builds, RxpDereferenceNetFcb causes the system to ASSERT if the node type for the structure is not an FCB or if the final reference count is less than 0.


Target platform


Fcb.h (include Fcb.h)



See also

The FCB Structure



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