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Specifying a Driver Package INF File Path

A caller of a DIFxAPI function specifies a driver package by supplying a string that contains the fully qualified path of the INF file of the driver package. The following requirements apply to INF file path strings:

  • The maximum supported path length, in characters, depends on whether the ANSI or Unicode version of the DIFxAPI function is called. For an ANSI string, the maximum length is MAX_LENGTH. For a Unicode string, the maximum length is 32,767 characters. If you use the Unicode version, prepend the "\\?\" string to the path. For general information about the format of file path strings, see Naming a File in the MSDN Library.

  • DIFxAPI does not support a caller specifying an INF file in the system INF directory. If a function call specifies an INF file in the system INF directory, the DIFxAPI function returns ERROR_CANT_ACCESS_FILE.

  • The driver package can be located on a local computer or a remote computer.

  • A driver package can be located on removable storage media. However, the package must be located on a single media disk. For example, the driver package must be located on only one CD or 3.5-inch disk.

  • When you are using DriverPackageUninstall, the INF file path can be an INF file for a driver package that is preinstalled in the DIFx driver store. For more information about retrieving the path of an INF file of a preinstalled driver package, see Retrieving and Using the Path of a DIFx Driver Store INF File and DriverPackageGetPath.



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