Relative Open Test

Command-line parameter:/s

During a Relative Open Test, (also known as a Sub-open Test) Device Path Exerciser attempts to open objects in the device's namespace.

During this test, Device Path Exerciser performs a rapid series of calls to open objects in the namespace of the devices opened by using Basic Open Operations and other open operations. In these calls, Device Path Exerciser passes a path that begins with the device and includes arbitrary names and nonsense strings of varying length and content.

This test determines how the driver or file system manages open requests in its namespace. In particular, if the driver does not support open requests in its namespace, it must prevent unauthorized access, either by failing the requests, or by setting the FILE_DEVICE_SECURE_OPEN device characteristic when it uses IoCreateDevice or IoCreateDeviceSecure to create the device object.

To add a Relative Open Test to a Device Path Exerciser test session, use the /s parameter.

For more information about the namespace of a device, see Controlling Device Namespace Access.



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Build date: 9/28/2012