Random Test

Command-line parameters: {/ir | /fr} [/fl MinFunction] [/fu MaxFunction] [/dl MinDevice] [/du MaxDevice] [/t MaxRandomCalls], /rs SeedNumber..

During Random Test, Device Path Exerciser issues a series of calls to the DeviceIoControl function with function codes, device types, data transfer methods, and access requirements that are selected at random from a specified range of values. The calls include input and output buffers with valid and invalid buffer pointers and lengths, and randomly generated content.

Device Path Exerciser performs the Random Tests on all devices opened during the Basic Open Test and additional open tests. You can customize this test by using the following parameters:

  • Use /fl and /fu to specify the range of function codes used in the calls

  • Use /dl and /du to specify the range of device types used in the calls

  • Use /rs to specify a seed number for the random number generating routine.

The function that Device Path Exerciser uses to generate random numbers for the test uses a seed number, a starting number for the random-number-generating algorithm. When Device Path Exerciser performs a Random Test, it records the seed number that it used in the Dc2.log file. To reproduce the test conditions, use the /rs parameter to specify the seed number that was used in the original test trial.



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Build date: 9/28/2012