SetupDiBuildClassInfoListEx function

The SetupDiBuildClassInfoListEx function returns a list of setup class GUIDs that includes every class installed on the local system or a remote system.


BOOL SetupDiBuildClassInfoListEx(
  _In_       DWORD  Flags,
  _Out_opt_  LPGUID ClassGuidList,
  _In_       DWORD  ClassGuidListSize,
  _Out_      PDWORD RequiredSize,
  _In_opt_   PCTSTR MachineName,
  _Reserved_ PVOID  Reserved


Flags [in]

Flags used to control exclusion of classes from the list. If no flags are specified, all setup classes are included in the list. Can be a combination of the following values:


Exclude a class if it has the NoInstallClass value entry in its registry key.


Exclude a class if it has the NoDisplayClass value entry in its registry key.

ClassGuidList [out, optional]

A pointer to a buffer that receives a list of setup class GUIDs.

ClassGuidListSize [in]

Supplies the number of GUIDs in the ClassGuildList array.

RequiredSize [out]

A pointer to a variable that receives the number of GUIDs returned. If this number is greater than the size of the ClassGuidList, the number indicates how large the ClassGuidList array must be in order to contain the list.

MachineName [in, optional]

A pointer to a NULL-terminated string that contains the name of a remote computer from which to retrieve installed setup classes. This parameter is optional and can be NULL. If MachineName is NULL, this function builds a list of classes installed on the local computer.


Must be NULL.

Return value

The function returns TRUE if it is successful. Otherwise, it returns FALSE and the logged error can be retrieved by making a call to GetLastError.


Target platform


Available in Microsoft Windows 2000 and later versions of Windows.


Setupapi.h (include Setupapi.h)



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