IoWMIExecuteMethod routine

The IoWMIExecuteMethod routine runs a WMI class method on the specified WMI data block instance.


NTSTATUS IoWMIExecuteMethod(
  _In_    PVOID           DataBlockObject,
  _In_    PUNICODE_STRING InstanceName,
  _In_    ULONG           MethodId,
  _In_    ULONG           InBufferSize,
  _Inout_ PULONG          OutBufferSize,
  _Inout_ PUCHAR          InOutBuffer


DataBlockObject [in]

Pointer to a WMI data block object. The caller opens the data block object for the WMI class with IoWMIOpenBlock. The object must be opened with the WMIGUID_EXECUTE access right.

InstanceName [in]

Specifies the name of the instance of the data block. This value corresponds to the value of the InstanceName property for the block.

MethodId [in]

Specifies the method item ID for the method to be set. The value of this parameter corresponds to the value declared in the WmiMethodId qualifier for the method.

InBufferSize [in]

Specifies the size, in bytes, of input data for the method. The actual input data is passed in the buffer pointed to by the InOutBuffer parameter.

OutBufferSize [in, out]

Pointer to a ULONG that specifies the expected size, bytes, of the data output by the method. The actual output data is returned in the buffer pointed to by the InOutBuffer parameter. If the routine succeeds, it updates the memory location to specify the number of bytes actually stored in InOutBuffer. If the routine fails with STATUS_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL, it returns the number of bytes required to return the data.

InOutBuffer [in, out]

Pointer to the buffer where the caller passes the WMI method's input data, and receives the WMI method's output data.

Return value

The routine returns an NTSTATUS code. Possible return values include:

Return codeDescription

The operation succeeded. The routine returns the WMI data in the buffer pointed to by the InOutBuffer parameter. The routine also returns the size, in bytes, of the returned data in the memory location pointed to by the OutBufferSize parameter.


No drivers implement the WMI class.


No driver implements an instance of the WMI class with InstanceName property equal to the value specified in the InstanceName parameter.


The WMI class does not contain a method with method ID equal to the value of MethodId.


The buffer passed by the caller in the OutBuffer parameter is too small. The routine returns the required buffer size in the memory location pointed to by the InOutBufferSize parameter.


The WMI GUID is no longer available or was never available.



IoWMIExecuteMethod determines which drivers might support the specified WMI class and instance name. It issues an IRP_MN_EXECUTE_METHOD request to each such driver. The driver that exports the data block instance with matching InstanceName property then runs the specified WMI method.


Target platform



Available in Windows XP and later versions of the Windows operating system.


Wdm.h (include Wdm.h, Ntddk.h, or Ntifs.h)







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