Memory Manager Routines

This section describes the subset of system-supplied MmXxx support routines that can be used by kernel-mode file systems and file system filter drivers. These routines cannot be used by device drivers.

In addition to the routines documented here, file systems and file system filter drivers can also call any of the MmXxx routines that are described in the Kernel-Mode Driver Architecture Reference and that are declared in Ntifs.h.

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The MmCanFileBeTruncated routine checks whether a file can be truncated.


The MmDoesFileHaveUserWritableReferences function returns the number of writable references for a file object.


The MmFlushImageSection routine flushes the image section for a file.


The MmForceSectionClosed routine deletes the data and image sections for a file that is no longer in use.


The MmGetMaximumFileSectionSize returns the maximum possible size of a file section for the current version of Windows.


The MmIsRecursiveIoFault routine determines whether the current page fault is occurring during an I/O operation.


The MmPrefetchPages routine reads groups of pages from secondary storage in the optimal fashion.


The MmSetAddressRangeModified routine marks currently valid pages in the specified range of the system cache as modified.


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