Low I/O Routines

Low I/O Routines

Low I/O routines represent the basic IRP_MJ_XXX asynchronous operations on a file object (open, close, read, and write, for example). RDBSS provides some convenience routines that are used with low I/O operations by a network mini-redirector. The RDBSS low I/O routines include the following:



This routine must be called by the low I/O routines of a network mini-redirector driver when processing is complete, if the routine initially returned as pending.


This routine returns the buffer that corresponds to the MDL from the LowIoContext structure of an RX_CONTEXT structure.


This routine returns the system buffer address from the I/O request packet (IRP).


This routine returns the address of the user buffer used for low I/O. Note that this routine is only available on Windows XP and Windows 2000.




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