This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Media Streaming Indications

The 802.11 miniport driver makes a media streaming indication whenever its media streaming mode changes. Actions that trigger a media streaming indication include the following:

  • The driver processes a set request of OID_802_11_MEDIA_STREAM_MODE that results in a change of the driver's media streaming mode.

  • The driver makes a media connect indication or media disconnect indication while its media streaming mode is enabled. Any change in the status of the driver's association with the current access point must disable media streaming on the device.

When making the media streaming indication, the StatusBufferparameter of NdisMIndicateStatuspoints to a driver-allocated buffer that contains the following structures:

NDIS_802_11_STATUS_TYPE  StatusType;
NDIS_802_11_MEDIA_STREAM_MODE  MediaStreamMode;

The driver sets the data in this buffer as follows:

  • The StatusType member is set to Ndis802_11StatusType_MediaStreamMode.

  • The MediaStreamMode member is set to either Ndis802_11MediaStreamOff or Ndis802_11MediaStreamOn, depending on the driver's current media streaming mode.

For more information about 802.11 media streaming, see Media Streaming.



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