The MASTER_VERSION_FILE macro specifies the file name of a master version file.

Every binary created by the Build utility has a version number on it. These are usually based on version resources created by Microsoft when products built for NT-based operating systems are created.

You can use Windows Explorer or Filever.exe to view properties and see which version resource the Setup program uses when it copies that image onto a new system. The system checks whether the version resource is newer than the one already on the system. If it is, the resource is copied onto the system. Otherwise, it is not.

There is a master version file for NT-based operating systems, from which all version resources are built. This file is named ntverp.h.

In the Windows Driver Kit (WDK), this file is located in the directory


In this path, %WDKROOT% is the root installation directory of the WDK.

If you do not want to use the version that is specified in Ntverp.h, you can specify a different master version file by setting MASTER_VERSION_FILE to the correct file name.

The MASTER_VERSION_FILE macro is initialized during the processing of Makefile.def. The TARGET_DIRECTORY macro is always dependent on the master version file to determine the name of the resource for your image.



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Build date: 5/3/2011