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LowerLogoVersion is a device setup class property that affects the signature score of a driver as follows:

  • Windows assigns the best signature score to drivers that have a WHQL signature for a Windows version that is the same or later than the LowerLogoVersion value.

  • Windows assigns the next best signature score to a driver that was signed by a third-party using Authenticode technology and to a driver that has a WHQL signature for a Windows version earlier than the LowerLogoVersion value.

A LowerLogoVersion value is a NULL-terminated string that specifies the Windows version, as indicated in the following table.

Windows versionLowerLogoVersion value

Windows 7


Windows Server 2008


Windows Vista


Windows Server 2003


Windows XP


Windows 2000



The system default LowerLogoVersion value for a system-defined device setup class is "5.1." This means that drivers that have a WHQL signature for Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP have the same signature score as a driver that is signed by Microsoft for Windows Vista and later versions of Windows.

For more information about driver ranking, see How Windows Ranks Drivers (Windows Vista and Later).



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