Example: Boot-Time Global Logger Session

The following screen shot shows the GlobalLogger subkey, which contains entries that configure the Global Logger trace session. The GlobalLogger subkey is selected, and the entries in the subkey appear in the right pane.

Screen shot of the Sample Global Logger subkey with an EnableKernelFlags entry

In this example, the GlobalLogger subkey has an EnableKernelFlags entry. The presence of the EnableKernelFlags entry, with a valid value, converts the Global Logger trace session to an NT Kernel Logger trace session.

In this example, the value of the EnableKernelFlags entry is 0x33307, the sum of the hexadecimal values of all available flags.

Under the GlobalLogger subkey, there is a subkey representing a trace provider that logs to the Global Logger session. For more information, see Logging to the Global Logger Session



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Build date: 10/4/2012