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ExtensionApiVersion callback function

The ExtensionApiVersion callback function returns version information about the extension DLL.


LPEXT_API_VERSION ExtensionApiVersion(void);


This callback function has no parameters.

Return value

This function must return a pointer to an EXT_API_VERSION structure.


You must define this function in your code using the prototype above. Include wdbgexts.h.

ExtensionApiVersion is called by the debugger when the extension DLL is loaded.

The debugger uses the MajorVersion and MinorVersion fields of the returned EXT_API_VERSION structure when executing commands like .chain and version that display the extension version number. The debugger does not perform any "version checking" -- the extension DLL will be loaded regardless of what version numbers are present in these fields.

The Revision field of the returned EXT_API_VERSION structure should be EXT_API_VERSION_NUMBER64 if you are using 64-bit pointers in your code, or EXT_API_VERSION_NUMBER32 if you are using 32-bit pointers. It is recommended that you always use 64-bit pointers in your code, since the debugger will automatically resize these pointers when necessary. See 32-Bit Pointers and 64-Bit Pointers for details.

For more details, see Using WdbgExts Extension Callbacks.


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