This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

WaveOutMixerDest, WaveOutMixerSource, WaveInMixerDest, WaveInMixerSource

The WaveOutMixerDest, WaveOutMixerSource, WaveInMixerDest, and WaveInMixerSource entries appear in the wave wrapper INF files. These entries identify the multimedia source and destination devices associated with the phone line.


A single command string of type DWORD.


HKR,Config,WaveOutMixerDest,    1, 00,00,00,00
HKR,Config,WaveOutMixerSource,  1, 01,00,00,00
HKR,Config,WaveInMixerDest,     1, 01,00,00,00
HKR,Config,WaveInMixerSource,   1, 01,00,00,00


WaveOutMixerDest is the multimedia line connected to the wave output. Usually, this corresponds to the speakers.

WaveOutMixerSource is the multimedia line to be used as the source relative to WaveOutMixerDest. Usually, this corresponds to "wave/out" (or, physically, the ADC).

WaveInMixerDest is the multimedia line corresponding to wave in.

WaveInMixerSource is the multimedia line to be used as the source relative to WaveInMixerDest. Usually, this corresponds to "line in" or "wave in".



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