This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


The VoiceDialNumberSetup entry identities the AT commands that are used to place a call in voice mode.


One or more command strings.


HKR, VoiceDialNumberSetup,               1,, "at#cls=8<cr>"
HKR, VoiceDialNumberSetup,               2,, "at#vls=0<cr>"
HKR, VoiceDialNumberSetup,               3,, "at#vrn=0<cr>"
HKR, VoiceDialNumberSetup,               4,, "at#vbt=1<cr>"


Usually, the following actions are implemented in VoiceDialNumberSetup:

  • Place the modem into voice mode.

  • Set the DTMF tone-generation duration.

  • Make sure the speakerphone is on the hook.

  • Set the modem to connect immediately after dialing. However, if the modem cannot detect a busy line while in voice mode (or in speakerphone mode while in voice mode), the modem should not be set to connect immediately, so that the modem has a chance to report a busy line before it is connected.



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