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The SpeakerPhoneSetVolumeGain entry identifies the AT commands that are used to set the speakerphone volume and gain.


One or more command strings.


The following two examples demonstrate the use of this entry.

    HKR, SpeakerPhoneSetVolumeGain,  1,, "at#spk=,<Vol>,<Gain><cr>"

    HKR, SpeakerPhoneSetVolumeGain, 1,,"at#vgs=<Vol><cr>"
    HKR, SpeakerPhoneSetVolumeGain, 2,,"at#vgm=<Gain><cr>"


These commands are issued after a call has been connected in voice mode and the speakerphone has been enabled.

The <Vol> macro represents the volume to be set, and the <Gain> macro represents the gain to be set, based on the SpeakerPhoneSpecs and the volume passed down from TAPI (for example, from the TAPI function phoneSetVolume). Unimodem fills in the correct values for the <Vol> and <Gain> placeholders.

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