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Adding Fax Support

This section describes how to add fax entries to a modem information (INF) file. Fax entries are required to avoid known incompatibility problems and to support adaptive answering.

Most modem INF file entries install registry settings. The fax registry settings control the behavior of the Microsoft fax modem drivers and T.30 protocol engine. These settings are defined the first time the fax software is run, using a combination of the following techniques:

  • Querying the modem for capabilities.

  • Querying the modem to get an ID, and then using this ID to look up an internal table.

  • Reading the INF file for the modem. If an entry is present in the INF file, it overrides information obtained by either of the other methods.

Note   The T.30 protocol engine is not a part of Unimodem. Part of T.30 is implemented in the modem and part is implemented in the fax application software that generates the fax image data. Microsoft Windows 2000 and later versions of the operating system include a basic T.30 fax application.

Most of the modems that are tested by Microsoft do not require INF file fax entries.


This section includes the following topics:

Known Fax Problems

Personal Fax with Adaptive Answering

For more detailed information about modem fax entries, see Fax Modem INF File Entries.



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