The IOCTL_HID_GET_FEATURE request returns a feature report associated with a top-level collection.

For general information about HIDClass devices, see HID Collections.

Input Buffer

The Parameters.DeviceIoControl.OutputBufferLength member specifies the size, in bytes, of a requester-allocated output buffer. The HID class driver uses this buffer to return a feature report.

If the collection includes report IDs, the requester must set the first byte of the output buffer to a nonzero report ID. Otherwise, the requester must set the first byte of the output buffer to zero.

Input Buffer Length

The buffer size, in bytes, must be large enough to hold the feature report -- excluding its report ID, if report IDs are used -- plus one additional byte that specifies a nonzero report ID or zero.

Output Buffer

The Irp->MdlAddress member points to the requester-allocated output buffer that the HID class driver uses to return the feature report. The first byte of the buffer, which the requester uses to input a report ID or zero, is unchanged. The feature report, excluding its report ID, if report IDs are used, is returned at ((PUCHAR)Irp->MdlAddress + 1).

Output Buffer Length

The length of the buffer that contains the report.

Status block

The HID class driver sets the following fields of Irp->IoStatus:

  • Information is set to the number of bytes transferred from the device.

  • Status is set to STATUS_SUCCESS if the transfer completed without error. Otherwise, it is set to an appropriate NTSTATUS error code.



Hidclass.h (include Hidclass.h)

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