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HIDClass Device Setup Class

The HIDClass device setup class includes all devices that are accessed through the HID class driver. HIDClass devices include the following:

  • USB HID devices, which are devices that comply with the USB HID Standard and accessed through the USB HID minidriver.

  • Non-USB input devices that use a HID minidriver to provide access to the device.

Devices that are fully supported by the system include the following:

  • USB keyboard and mouse devices

  • USB joystick devices (Microsoft Windows Me)

  • Game port (I/O port 201) devices (Windows 2000 and later versions)

If a vendor supplies a HID minidriver for a custom device, the device can be operated as HIDClass device. For example, a camera that connects to a USB port or a serial port can be supported this way. If a vendor supplies a serial port HID minidriver for the camera, a single user-mode application can control the camera through Microsoft DirectInput. The port that the camera is connected to is transparent to the application.

HIDClass includes parent input devices and the child devices (HID collections) supported by the parent input devices. For example, a parent USB device might support the functionality of a standard keyboard and a mouse. The keyboard and the mouse are enumerated as different HID collections.



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