CM_Get_Resource_Conflict_Details function

The CM_Get_Resource_Conflict_Details function obtains the details about one of the resource conflicts in a conflict list.


WINAPI CM_Get_Resource_Conflict_Details(
  _In_    CONFLICT_LIST       clConflictList,
  _In_    ULONG               ulIndex,
  _Inout_ PCONFLICT_DETAILS_W pConflictDetails


clConflictList [in]

Caller-supplied handle to a conflict list, obtained by a previous call to CM_Query_Resource_Conflict_List.

ulIndex [in]

Caller-supplied value used as an index into the conflict list. This value can be from zero to one less than the number returned by CM_Get_Resource_Conflict_Count.

pConflictDetails [in, out]

Caller-supplied address of a CONFLICT_DETAILS structure to receive conflict details. The caller must supply values for the structure's CD_ulSize and CD_ulMask structures.

Return value

If the operation succeeds, the function returns CR_SUCCESS. Otherwise, it returns one of the CR_-prefixed error codes defined in Cfgmgr32.h.


To determine conflicting resource requirements between a specified device and other devices on a machine, use the following steps.

  1. Call CM_Query_Resource_Conflict_List to obtain a handle to a list of resource conflicts.

  2. Call CM_Get_Resource_Conflict_Count to determine the number of conflicts contained in the resource conflict list.

  3. Call CM_Get_Resource_Conflict_Details for each entry in the conflict list.

The following conflicts are typically not reported:

  • If there are multiple conflicts for a resource, and the owners of only some of the conflicts can be determined, the conflicts without identifiable owners are not reported.

  • Conflicts that appear to be with the specified device (that is, the device conflicts with itself) are not reported.

  • If multiple non-Plug and Play devices use the same driver, resource conflicts among these devices might not be reported.

Sometimes, resources assigned to the HAL might be reported as either conflicting with the HAL or not available.


Target platform



Available in Microsoft Windows 2000 and later versions of Windows.


Cfgmgr32.h (include Cfgmgr32.h)



Unicode and ANSI names

CM_Get_Resource_Conflict_DetailsW (Unicode)



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