The AlsoInstall directive specifies the core system components that need to be installed for use by an audio adapter driver. This directive is supported only by Windows Me/98 and is specific to the installation of media-class device drivers.

The AlsoInstall directive appears in the DDInstall section of an INF file, but because Windows 2000 and later do not support this directive, it is not listed in the INF DDInstall Section reference page.

The directive has the following format:

AlsoInstall = inf-section-name1 ( inf-filename1 )[,inf-section-name2(inf-filename2)[,...]]

Each item in the list to the right of the equal sign (=) consists of an INF section name that is followed by the name (in parentheses) of the INF file that contains the section.

Driver writers should use the system-supplied INF files to install core components instead of attempting to install these components directly from within their proprietary INF files. The system-supplied INF files are updated as necessary with each Windows release in order to accommodate operating system changes and ensure that existing drivers continue to work properly.

For Windows 2000 and later, use the Include and Needs directives instead of AlsoInstall.


For example, the following directive installs the core WDM components in Windows Me/98:

  AlsoInstall = WDMAUDIO.Registration(wdmaudio.inf)

Compare the preceding with the equivalent directives for Windows 2000 and later:

  Include = wdmaudio.inf
  Needs = WDMAUDIO.Registration

For another example, the following directive installs the core kernel-streaming components in Windows Me/98:

  AlsoInstall = KS.Registration(ks.inf)

Note that both sets of system components can be installed in a single directive:

  AlsoInstall = KS.Registration(ks.inf),WDMAUDIO.Registration(wdmaudio.inf)

For more information, see Installing in Windows Me/98.



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